Monday, October 26, 2015

Baby dress

   A few months ago my favorite yarn store in NYC  Habu Textile closed the office on Madison Avenue. Right before it happened I made my last appointment with the store to stock up on their yarns. Got a little greedy and among other stuff I bought some pink silk....

What was I thinking? I don't wear pink. None of my friends wear pink. Does anybody wear pink at all? Especially in NY?
Luckily some do! Baby girls!))) And we just got one in the family! My problem got solved--I am making a baby dress.
I decided to use a vintage pattern. It's a bit tricky since they use the UK terms for crochet (UK DC = US single crochet, UK treble = US double crochet etc) and the instructions are not as detailed as we are used to, but it's totally workable and (what is more important) very cute))).

I didn't add the sleeves to make it look less like christening gown, but rather like an everyday dress.

And here is the model!

I know the colors look different on all of the pictures, but they were taken by three different people))).

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