Tuesday, January 27, 2015


As a Christmas gift I got a subscription to Yarnbox (Thank you Kat and Inna). Yesterday I received my first shipment! Two skeins of Feederbrook Farm's Bluefaced Leicester Wool. I know how popular the multicolored yarn is, however I find it quite difficult to work with. Particularly if you are trying to work in a pattern. Therefore I prefer rather underwhelming patters for such yarns.

On the other hand, I didn't want to bore you (and myself for that matter) with another single crochet all around. I decided to give my project some texture by mimicking a knitted seed stitch. Here  is what i got.
 Working in the round on an odd number of stitches in spiral method. Working the first and the second row in sc. All the following rows are done this way: sc in the next sc, sc in the sc 2 rows below*, creating an elongated stitch. Now you can see the checkered pattern emerges.

Since I already imitate a knitting stitch, my project should be as close to a knitted one as possible. Here is what I made.
As you can see the pointy top of the mittens is traditional for Norwegian patterns. I didn't work it by equally decreasing the number of stitches, but used the knitting method: decreasing 4 stitches at 2 specific points on the left and right side of the mitten every other row with the same number of stitches in between those points. 

It shows better on this picture, modeled by my cat Sally.
The ribbing is traditional single crochet through the back loop.
This stitch would look great on a cowl, leg- or hand-warmers and a hat. Basically anything that can be worked in a round. 


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A little bit of knitting

Even though  I've been known as Crochet Queen, I am quite good at knitting too. With the cold season, my friend's Birthday and VKL approaching I was involved into a few projects that required two tools instead of one. By the way if you go to this web page you will see a lovely picture of my friend Darrin looking at some yarn. I am standing next to him. Unfortunately you cannot see a pleated skirt that I made, but Darrin's gorgeous knitted vest is popping. And yes, HE MADE IT!

Back to my projects. They weren't THAT elaborated. I prefer simplicity therefore my style would be described as Malevich' Black Square of knitwear fashion.  First I made a pair of hand warmers for my friend.

Worked in garter stitch about 8 inches wide and 6 inches tall and sewn up.

Leaving a small thumb opening. 
My friend is modeling them  (I am assuming at the store--she texted me a picture))))).
And just to prove how lazy I am I will tell you that these warmers were made to complement a hat I knitted for her 2 (!!!) years ago!

Here she is rocking a hat. Her daughter told her that in this hat she looks like a rich person))). I will take it as a complement))). 

Speaking of hats. I made one for myself. Using the same garter stitch as in warmers I worked  a piece of knitted fabric for 21 inches tall and 12-13 inches wide. Saw the side seams and gathered the top. 

 As you can see mine is totally representing my slouchy "not-a-rich-person" style (compare at my friend's sleeky and sophisticated). 

For the hand warmers:

For the hat: