Monday, March 9, 2015

Crochet Brioche Hat

The weather finally wormed up here in New York and I am getting out of  my hibernation mood.
Even though the project I am about to present was done the day after I last posted on this blog, I only get to show it today (yes, that's how bad energy preserving I've been))).  I was still experimenting with the split stitch. Something about it got me fascinated. I played around with that idea and decided to try a change of colors. But I can assure you that even with that extra step the project is super fun and extremely quick. It took me a couple of hours to finish it!  Here is the Brioche Hat.

Even though made with a hook it resembles the knitted brioche stitch. The hat was worked in the round and gathered at the top. You can add a pom pom made with one of the colors or both. You can also turn it into a cowl (narrow, so you can pull it over you head or pretty wide, so you can wrap it a couple of times around your neck). Keep in mind while working with two colors you will create a yarn float on the back of your piece. This might make your hat less stretchy.

I used the Icelandic Wool. It's very warm, but you can see at the picture how hairy it is. Working with two colors is a bit tricky, so here is a video to help you practice (found on youtube)

Here is the Crochet Brioche Hat instruction:
You can use any yarn you'd like. You probably want to use 2 contrasting colors (A and B)
I don't even want to go through the gauge for this project, especially that I didn't have one. I simply made a chain (multiple of 2 plus 1) and made sure it goes comfortably around my head. However, if you are the one with the gauge compulsion ))) you can make a swatch before hands.

Set up row: chain 81 (or whatever goes around your head, just remember: multiple of 2 plus 1) with color A.  With the same color sc in the second chain from the hook, sc in each chain to the end. You will have 80 sc all together.
ROW 1 (start working in the round spiral method) : you can place a marker indicating the beginning of the row.  Sc with A in the next sc, sc with B in the next sc. Notice, that the first row is worked in regular single crochet.
ROW 2: Move the marker. SPLIT SC with A in the next sc,  SPLIT SC with B in the next sc.
Work for the desired length. Finish off by gathering the top and adding a pom pom (or not :)).
Good luck!

HOOK: 4.5 mm
YARN: Lettlopi Icelandic Wool

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