Thursday, November 6, 2014

Rhinebeck skirt

             Every time I go to a yarn fair I aim at the fibers I am not able to find in NYC. I know, it seems that there is nothing you wouldn't be able to find in the city, but trust me it misses some of the yarn snob vitals. Last year at the Vogue Knitting Week I treated myself to extremely nice yarn from Windy Valley Muskox. (One day my dear friend Darrin and I will move to a farm to raise muskox and spin one of the most expensive fibers in the world)))).  The yarn was sitting in my stash for a few months before I decided I wanted to make a skirt for my trip to Rhinebeck. Once it was done I was really looking forward to show it off. The night before the trip I was checking the weather and was so angry to find out that we should expect 68F! Forget the wool (or for that matter, qiviut, which is 8 times warmer than wool!) and pull out your cotton! I still got to wear my cardigan, but had to figure something else instead of a skirt. 
Those of you who attended the event must understand how much I hate those jokers from the weather channel! It was freezing! However I fought my way through the cold by jumping from barn to barn and fondling some precious. Also don't forget the scenery--it's breathtaking!
Even though the skirt didn't make it to Rhinebeck it still deserves to be shown :)

It was crochet from the top down. I used 1mm hook and started with 330 dc working back and forth increasing evenly every 5th row to 350 for the yoke, finishing the last couple of rows in the round. It created the slit for the closure. For the next row I worked 1dc ch1 into each dc (700 st in total) to create the fuller body of the skirt. Kept on working in filet till the desired length (19"). For the closure I used 5 round buttons. The bottom of the skirt was embellished with the ribbon weaved in between dc into ch1 space. 

The skirt and the cardigan are modeled by my friend Gunel. 
Rhinebeck pictures are taken by my friend Darrin.

Yarn--Majestic Blend from Windy Valley--a little over 9 balls 
Hook-- 1mm
Buttons and ribbon--M&J Trimmings