Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Long time

Yes, I have to admit that I cheated on my blog... with doctor House! Oh boy! All 8 seasons at once! Absolutely no time to write. But guess what--plenty of time to crochet in front of the screen.  Right before I got sunk in Dr. House's big blue eyes I had some fun time with my dear friend Darrin. We happened to walk around alphabet city and stopped by one of my favorite yarn stores in NYC-- Downtown Yarns. Rita, the owner, was so sweet and gave me 40% (!!!) discount on Italian cotton I spotted immediately on one of the shelves. I suspect she just wanted to get rid of some old stuff and I seemed like a good "hooker" to take home those rejectees. My friend however swore to me on the cover of Vogue magazine that this is the ultra trendy color and I believe her.

Since the yarn has such saturated plum color I decided to go easy on the stitch pattern and picked something rather underwhelming. Once the swatch was made and basic calculations were done, I simply pulled out one of my best fitted cardigans and followed the measurements to be sure the new one would be exactly the same (fit-wise, of course, not the design-wise))). From time to time I was matching what was on the hook to the original and making notes on the counts of the stitches, so sleeves and two front halves would be identical. The hole process took me about one season of House, M.D. (I guess 5-6 days plus blocking).

And here is the piece I am going to wear for NYC Sheep and Wool Festival.

Can you guys keep a secret? I am making a skirt to complete the outfit)))

Yarn--Isager  6 balls
Color--36 (plum)

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